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Printable Pack

Printable Pack

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I have combined eight of my popular printables into one BIG bundle just for you!

You'll get-

-My home management binder which helps you organize your home from cleaning routines, meal prep, to-do lists, guides to caring for your home, to school/family resources and more. Complete with a welcome guide of EXACTLY how to put your binder together.

-The religious binder expansion 1 contains lots of wonderful guides including a Bible study notes section, a place to journal your prayers and praises, a page to help you remember resources you want to check out, and a sheet to encourage you to bless others.

-The basic binder expansion 2 has all of the things you’ve been asking for- a laundry guide, recipe cards, health goals, budgeting tools, and a password keeper!

-The 2024 wall calendar for your family command center. It’s organized by person and date to create an efficient system you will LOVE.

-My calendar expansion to give you more columns for your growing family and full schedule.

-My phone organization guide with 3 phone wallpapers and 3 home screens for your cellphone. This guide will also advise you on how to organize your apps and boost your productivity with helpful tips. I have also included an extensive list of my favorite apps and phone accessories.

-5 star Dollar Tree buys worth searching for at the Dollar Tree. It also contains the best organizing containers and their dimensions (these are the ones you can find in almost all stores) so you are prepared to tackle any space before you leave home.

-My Dollar Tree cleaners breakdown includes a shopping list of all of my favorite Dollar Tree cleaners you should keep an eye out for the next time you are in a store. If your store doesn’t stock these items, no worries! I have also included links to either Dollar Tree bulk purchase options or great Amazon alternatives.

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